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Start Up Checklist

start up checklist

This is a business that requires a devotion to service, flexibility and organization. It will take some time to get your business going and creating earnings. Do you have the patience for this business? Review our opportunity page to see some of the common traits of a concierge. Also, read some books by industry experts.

Selecting an appropriate name is important. Is it "brandable"? Is the matching domain name available? Review our section on naming before selecting a name. If you need help finding a great domain name, check our name and website packages.

There are benefits and costs involved with either a sole proprietorship or an LLC. Review our section on business structure to see which is right for you. There are companies that can help with incorporating your business.

Creating a business plan is always a good idea. It provides and outline, goals, and a road map for your new business. If you need to borrow money, a business plan is a necessity. You can check out our section on business plans.

You will need to make sure that all of the proper registrations and licenses are completed for your state and local governments. Review our section on licensing.

Start with a free insurance quote from Bolt. Review our section on insurance. This is something every business needs to have.

Review our section on business supplies. Don't forget business cards, a computer, and promotional products.

You need to determine what the services are that you will provide and how much you intend to charge. This should have been part of your business plan.

Check some of the website resources we offer. If you want to do it yourself, you can get great professional templates or some simple websites at GoDaddy.

Industry and local business groups are a great way to network and find clients. Membership also lends credence to your business. Organization like the NCA, and ICEA are excellent groups, and local chambers of commerce, women's business groups, and other local groups are good sources of information.

There are always ways to generate additional revenue from your existing clients. Establishing vendor relationships to obtain discounts is a good strategy. One of the most promising avenues for extra income from your business is to earn money from travel services. Check out the compensation plan at this travel affiliate program. It offers an attractive way to earn great income..

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Start-Up Guide

A good place to start is our Opportunity page.

If this sounds like a business that fits your experience and needs, then use the links below to obtain valuable information and resources for starting your new business.

A Must Read!

The Concierge Manual

The Concierge Manual

Written by industry expert Katharine Giovanni, this extraordinary guide provides all the tools you need to create a successful concierge, lifestyle management, errand service or personal assistant company. Do you want to create an on-site, lobby or corporate concierge service? Or are you looking to serve individuals? From small boutique concierge services to large corporations, this manual will help everyone!.

The information is all here, presented in a simple, step-by-step format! This books answers some of your biggest questions about the logistics of running a concierge business ...

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