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Concierge - one who assists clients by providing information and specialized services.

This is a very vague definition by necessity. The modern concierge doesn't just work in a hotel lobby or for wealthy people. There is a new breed of start-up entrepreneurs carving out niche markets in the service industry. The strength of each concierge business reflects the strengths of the individual who runs it. The names used, errand runner, personal assistant, organizer, event planner, pet sitter, are all just adjectives for the strengths of each.

We maintain a listing of articles about starting and running a concierge business. Almost all agree that this business is an extremely flexible one and no two businesses are alike. The owners, on the other hand, have many similar traits:

Positive Attitude

A "can do" attitude is critical to the success of a concierge. Are you an optimist?

Reliable Service

Concierge businesses rely on steady, long term clients. Do you Always fulfill your obligations?

Flexible Schedule

Starting your own business requires a lot of hours with few breaks or vacations. Are you flexible?


The very reason for a concierge is to bring order to chaos. Can clients count on your organization skills?

Starting a concierge business can be easy and inexpensive:

One of the goals of this site is to provide information and resources to aspiring business owners. By providing you with the available options and as much free information as possible, we hope to make your start up an easy one.

Most of the lessons learned in starting a concierge business can be applied to any new business venture. If you move forward in your business, please make sure to keep us informed of your progress and let us know when you are ready to be listed in the directory

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Start-Up Guide

Start by reading the article on the left about what makes a good concierge.

If this sounds like a business that fits your experience and needs, then use the links below to obtain valuable information and resources for starting your new business.

A Must Read!

The Concierge Manual

The Concierge Manual

Written by industry expert Katharine Giovanni, this extraordinary guide provides all the tools you need to create a successful concierge, lifestyle management, errand service or personal assistant company. Do you want to create an on-site, lobby or corporate concierge service? Or are you looking to serve individuals? From small boutique concierge services to large corporations, this manual will help everyone!.

The information is all here, presented in a simple, step-by-step format! This books answers some of your biggest questions about the logistics of running a concierge business ...

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