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Deciding What Services to Provide

what services will you offer?

Play to your strengths!
The services you advertise on your website or in your ads should be the ones that you are most comfortable with, but always be prepared to try and meet customer demands.

A good way to determine which services you want to include in your ads or site is to look at the services of other similar businesses. It will give you a wealth of information and ideas for services. Make sure to write down all of the services you see and put them into categories or groups.

Some Common Service Categories
Below are a few categories of services that you may want to consider.

There are an infinite amount of tasks that could be provided or asked for. It is best to offer a wide range of services to entice new clients and then tailor tasks to the client's needs.

Use our directory to look at the services other are providing, or stop by our forum to discuss the possibilities with others. The services you will provide should be detailed in your business plan.

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Start-Up Guide

A good place to start is our Opportunity page.

If this sounds like a business that fits your experience and needs, then use the links below to obtain valuable information and resources for starting your new business.

A Must Read!

The Concierge Manual

The Concierge Manual

Written by industry expert Katharine Giovanni, this extraordinary guide provides all the tools you need to create a successful concierge, lifestyle management, errand service or personal assistant company. Do you want to create an on-site, lobby or corporate concierge service? Or are you looking to serve individuals? From small boutique concierge services to large corporations, this manual will help everyone!.

The information is all here, presented in a simple, step-by-step format! This books answers some of your biggest questions about the logistics of running a concierge business ...

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